Here’s James Franco’s new video for R.E.M.’s ‘Blue’ with Lindsay Lohan

Last year before they announced their retirement R.E.M. enlisted James Franco to direct a couple videos for their newest and final album “Collapse Into Now.” They’d intended what sounded like a Sigur Ros “Valtari”-style project in what was to be called the “Collapse Into Now” film project. According to Pitchfork Franco was tapped to direct “Blue” as well as “That Someone Is You.”

Though the film project never really came to fruition, now, 18 moths later, Franco’s video for “Blue” finally surfaces. Unlike Sigur Ros’s project which showed us a naked Shia LaBoeuf, this one has Lindsay Lohan being photographed by Terry Richardson, and all manner of washed-out dystopian images of L.A. Between the grainy, lo-fi film and all the helicopter shots it almost resembles “Apocalypse Now” in places.

“Blue” is a weird trackā€”it has three sections, one with Michael Stipe’s hero Patti Smith and one with Stipe doing a kind of Allen Ginsberg spoken-word bit. It’s fitting the tune would get a bizarre video for R.E.M.’s swan song. Take a look below.