Street Art Dispatches: Carl Sagan’s ‘If you wish to make an apple pie’ poster

My last entry in the Street Art Dispatches series was a stencil of Bill Hick’s face with his famous phrase, “It’s just a ride.” This week I offer you another glorious stoner and all-around great mind: Carl Sagan. In one of Sagan’s wonderful episodes of Cosmos, the rock star of science sat at wondrous banquet table in a mansion and was served an apple pie. Sagan, in his hypnotic voice, observed, “If you wish to make an apple pie truly from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” Sublimity, folks. Absolute sublimity.

Above is the poster I came across, and below is the clip of Sagan speaking on apple pies and universes. Also below is Episode 1 of Cosmos: “The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean.” Do yourselves a favor and watch all of them.