Donald Trump and the tale of month-old caviar and expired yogurt

When Donald Trump is not warning us about the impending Obamapocalypse* or getting fired from managing his own Trump Place in New York he is kicking back at his DJT restaurant at the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas. Per the restaurant’s website: “Named after Donald Trump himself, the elegant DJT is in a class by itself.” Oxymorons aside, that is a pretty bold statement. I doubt the pinnacle of elegance is supposed to include month-old caviar and expired yogurt—but what do I know, I am a fan of Chili’s.

Earlier this month the restaurant was closed for health violations that would not even pass for a C. The Southern Nevada Health District officials logged 51 violations during a routine inspection. It takes 30 violations or less to open with a passing grade in Nevada. The inspectors reported finding expired, outdated, mishandled, unlabeled and improperly stored food.

Some of the most disgusting finds had to be the month-old caviar and yogurt and the duck that dated back to June. Fish was also being illegally thawed as the investigators found icicles on ready-to-cook halibut. All is well, however, as DJT told local news station KTNV that all of the violations were taken care of and that they are back open as of this report.

So you might be wondering: What does the menu look like? While the only one I can find is their lunch menu , their “value” lunch item runs for $13 (which is soup). It is not a cheap place. Certainly not one where you will leave the table paying under $100 for you and your date. This probably happens to high-class restaurants everywhere, but of course it had to be the Donald, this month of all months, when the presidential election he tethered himself to exploded in disaster and his own condo building in New York fired him.

It couldn’t have happened to a better man.

*Trademarking this as I type.

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