Watch the heroic rescue of a kitten caught inside an Abe Lincoln statue

Looks like everyone’s getting excited for “Lincoln”—even this three week old kitten, which climbed up inside an Honest Abe statue at the President’s Hall of Fame in Clermont, FL late last week.

The local fire department drilled a hole in the statue late Sunday to rescue the little ball of fluff, which had reportedly been stuck for three days, while its meows were growing fainter and fainter. When the fire fighters finally retrieved the kitten, it was dehydrated and hungry, but expected to be a-ok after a visit to the vet.

Apparently the statue has a hole at the top, but as Daniel Davis (which reads a little like “Daniel Day Lewis” if you’re scanning) of the Humane Society told WKMG in Orlando, “I dont see how a little kitten, a 3-week old kitten could have gotten up there. It couldn’t crawl up there.”

It’s a mystery. Or a sneaky viral marketing campaign by Touchstone Pictures. Either way, the cat, now named Abe, is fine. According to the Daily News, the curator at the Presidents Hall of Fame plans to adopt it.