Plastic Plates and Lifelike remix The Presets ‘Promises’ (download)

The Presets are set to release a remix bundle of their new single “Promises” on December 4, the single off of their third LP “Pacifica.” It includes remixes by Australian ex-pat Plastic Plates, Finland’s Luomo, France’s Lifelike, and Neils Frahm’s neo-classical rework. To tease the release, The Presets are streaming the Lifelike remix and a download of the Plastic Plates remix.

The Lifelike remix has a breezy, summertime feel. A slice of anthemic house, suffused with glittering synth arpeggios typical of what one might hear on a Cut Copy release. Plastic Plates remix pursues a classic and minimal house aesthetic as well, with more satisfying results. There is a very satisfying melancholy in its progression that isn’t as palpable in the Lifelike remix.

Stream them both below, and be sure to download the Plastic Plates remix here.