Lil Wayne collabs with Paris Hilton on ‘I Wanna Bang You,’ a song guaranteed to make your ears cry

There was a point not too long ago when Lil Wayne was an exciting new hip hop artist with a unique flow and interesting delivery. That time, sadly, has long passed, and now we are left with what appears to be the sound of verbal hara-kiri delivered by a particularly bored rhyming goblin. There was a point also not too long ago when Paris Hilton was relevant. That point was called “the late 90s” and that point is also “coming up on 20 years ago” – although, methinks she’s actually a performance artist fooling the whole world.

Anyway. They recorded a song together. It isn’t very good. It is terrible in a cold and clinical sense – created simply to be played in the background of a fleeting night of revelry in third-rate nightclubs where the bouncer is a door handle and the velvet rope is what lines the buffet area. It’s so bad that the word “bad” jumped out of a seven story window upon hearing this song. Take a listen: