‘Killer Karaoke’ is an actual show that will debut on Friday

Tru TV’s moto is “Not Reality. Actuality.” While that statement makes no fucking sense to begin with, I find it hard to believe that singing karaoke while being dumped in a tank full of snakes is either “reality” or “actuality.” From the station that brought you “Conspiracy Theories with Jessie Ventura” and “Police POV” comes a new ridiculous concept called “Killer Karaoke.”

It’s like their brainstorming group is made up of a bunch of low-IQ drunk Americans. “Killer Karaoke”? How could something like this be pushed through test groups and actually get to air? TruTV, we know you are not known for the most hard-hitting respectable news programing, but what happened to just showing re-runs of “Cops” and “Girls Gone Wild” promotions after midnight?

To add legitimacy, the program is hosted by Steve-O. Steve-O, are you really hurting for money this bad? Anyways, unfortunately for most of you guys this show does not include some sort of karaoke gladiator ring where Steve-O is Julius Cesar, which is disappointing. The extent of the program is having everyday people sing karaoke songs while being put through ridiculous situations.

Hot girl dumped in tank full of snakes. Check. Man singing karaoke while running around delivering food to Steve-O while being shocked. Check. Poor woman trying to sing while putting her hands in bugs. Check. You get the point. The show airs on Friday and I hope you do not watch it. I will leave you with the video of the girl in the snake tank below, and hopefully that’ll be the end of it.

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