6.5 foot tall penguin fossil found in Antarctica

Paleontologists working at Argentina’s Natural Sciences Museum of La Plata province (near Buenos Aires) found the fossil remains of a 6.5 foot tall ancient penguin, according to AFP.

“This is the largest penguin known to date in terms of height and body mass,” said researcher Carolina Acosta. Lead researcher Marcelo Reguero added that the giant penguin find, announced this past Tuesday, will “allow for a more intensive and complex study of the ancestors of modern penguins.”

The team of paleontologists are planning another expedition to Antarctica, during summer, to look for more giant penguin fossils, in order to glean more information about how the penguin might have moved and looked.

Now, let us imagine various other giant ancient variants of current species: koala bears, dogs, whales (lulz), shrimp, field mice, locusts, beavers and, of course, the stately platypus.

[Image: Geology Museum, University of Otago]