Fox News anchor thinks food stamps would make for a swell diet plan

Today, FOX Business debuted its production of Amy Heckerling’s A Very Clueless Thanksgiving Carol. Well, at least that’s what I hope it was. Because during a discussion of my boyfriend Cory Booker’s pledge to live off a food stamp budget for a week, pundit Andrea Tantaros cleverly quipped “I should try it because, do you know how fabulous I’d look? I’d be so skinny. I mean, the camera adds ten pounds, it really does. I’d be looking great!”

Is she also jealous of all the starving children in Ethiopia? Or people with cancer? I imagine she thought this was an incredibly precious and Sex and The City-like thing to say. Or something. Because how does that even come out of anyone’s mouth without them being pretty afraid that a piano will drop out of the sky and fall on their head? I’m not even religious and I’d be on the lookout for lightning bolts.

The average person on food stamps gets $4.30 a day for food. I’ve already spent more than that on coffee today. It’s 70 cents less than my mom used to give me for my school lunch when I was in high school. These people are living in abject poverty, and this one thinks it’s an adorable diet plan. At best it’s ignorant and at worst it’s sociopathic, and I’m honestly kind of leaning towards the latter. I don’t even know how someone can have such little empathy for people without being a complete and total Ted Bundy-esque psychopath. I don’t even think I’m being hyperbolic. That is an insane, and weirdly cruel thing to say, and the day I start thinking any differently, I hope a piano falls on my head.

*Just to note, when I did a Google Image Search for Tantaros, I saw that in many of her pictures she was wearing Black Halo dresses that retail for about $420. In another she was wearing a DVF dress from 2010 that retailed for about $390. I just have a feeling that she wouldn’t do so well living off the dole.