Oh the irony. Mitt Romney’s final vote tally: 47%

Romney’s now famous insult that “47% of America will vote for Obama no matter what” because they’re dependent will almost definitely go down as the point of no return for his campaign. Ensuring that Romney himself will go down in history as “Mr. 47%,” the cruelly ironic universe has seen to it that Romney’s final vote tally is… drumroll please… 47% of America.

Unlike the electoral college tally which was easily finalized on election night, the popular vote tally has been trickling to a slow and final conclusion, and as Washington Post noted yesterday it’s currently at 47.49% and on track to settle slightly lower, between 47.1% and 47.2%. As long as it stays between 47.0% and 47.49% history will round it to 47% against Obama’s 51%, and Romney will have finally clinched his coveted 47% of America after all.

Oh probability, you cold, ironic bastard.