R.E.M. release new video for ‘That Someone Is You’ featuring James Franco

The now defunct and still bald lead band R.E.M release a new music video for their song “That Someone Is You.” R.E.M. has always been a cheesy favorite of mine. (Note I did not say guilty pleasure because anyone who says that about a band is a pussy and just trying to cover their ass.) Their songs range from amazing “Losing My Religion” to god-awful “Stand.” But I love them nonetheless. Their music is fun and there is nothing wrong with it.

Which is why today I am proud to bring you their new music video for “That Someone Is You.” I always felt that releasing music after breaking up is kind of bullshit, but whatever, this song is pretty good. It also involves number-one hunk James Franco, a cat head, and the movie “Grease.” What else does a twenty-something cat woman living by herself in Brooklyn want from life? The video superimposes a cat head over one of the actresses in the performance of “Grease” and is pretty funny. Watch the video below.

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