Charli XCX’s ‘Cloud Aura’ video is… um… interesting

One time, a while ago, I took mushrooms at a party and, having never done them before, didn’t think about having to take Chicago public transportation all the way back home, at 3am. To say that ‘the experience changed me’ would be a dramatic understatement as I was tripping balls in a heavily lit metal tube underground.

The experience was not entirely unlike this video. Charli XCX and Brooke Candy do a wonderful job of the channel-surfing hypercut visuals that bring to mind my horrorshow night in the Chicago underground. The song itself is impeccably produced – a kind of lackadaisical romp that brings to mind a Prefuse 73 jam with early Princess Superstar freestyling over it. It’s pretty darn good, is what I’m saying.