New voice of Elmo: Gilbert Gottfried?

Now that Kevin Clash is out as the voice of Elmo after a 28-year run, Gilbert Gottfried is more than happy to take over. “Yes, I am planning to do the voice of Elmo,” he tells TMZ, “but I have a joke for you”—and proceeds to tell a hilarious joke about the difference between Elmo and a Catholic priest. Watch the video here.

Gotta love that voice—Gilbert already ruined sex with his reading of “50 Shades of Grey”—why not take down childhood, too?

There’s already a Facebook page that has popped up to support Gilbert for Elmo—although it only has 22 likes. You can like it here—he could use the support. If you somehow missed his “50 Shades” reading, watch it below for a taste of what the children of America have in store for them.