Flying Lotus debuts video for ‘Tiny Tortures’ featuring Elijah Wood

Flying Lotus is arguably at the peak of creativity in the current music landscape. His artistic abilities are a breath of fresh air in an electronic marketplace that is heading ever more towards Top-40. His music is not easily accessible as it is deep and very creative. His songs aren’t exactly ones to get you to hit the dance floor but maybe that’s what electronic music needs more of these days.

Like his past Warp label members Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada, Flying Lotus explores the more ambient side of music, which “Tiny Tortues” showcases. To the untrained ear it sounds, to paraphrase my brother, like bleeps and bloops. However it’s actually a beautiful song that you have to immerse yourself in fully to completely understand.

This David Lenandowsky directed video also helps those with a more visual leaning artistic inclination to fully enjoy the song. It stars Elijah Wood and explores the relationship between humans and machines via Woods’ arm being replaced with objects. The video then enters a visual surreal dream world and ends with Wood in his bed. Check out the video below. “Until The Quiet Comes” is out now.

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