George Zimmerman now selling his autograph to help with living and legal expenses

So perhaps yesterday you were all “Whatever, Robyn. My mom already has a jar of Glenn Beck’s urine. She keeps it on the same shelf as her Precious Moments figurines, right below her Thomas Kinkade and Anne Geddes prints.” That is fine. Today I offer you a new choice in horrible things you or a loved one could possibly own if either of you happened to be the worst ever… the autograph of George Zimmerman! You know, the guy who “stood his ground” and refused to be intimidated by a young, skittle-eating whippersnapper, and thus shot him for no apparent reason! I imagine you could display it in your Murderabilia Room, right next to John Wayne Gacy’s clown paintings and that Unabomber hoodie you bought on an internet auction last year.

It’s true. Zimmerman’s Defense Fund is basically selling the dude’s autograph for “donations”- in the form of personally signed thank you card- with the money to go to his “living expenses and legal costs”. Which is just pretty icky in a “don’t any Son of Sam laws kind of forbid this?” kind of way. See?

“The New George Zimmerman Defense Fund, at George’s request, will begin sending Thank You Cards to people who have contributed to the Defense Fund. Each card will be personaly [sic] signed by George. The identity of all donors will continue to be kept strictly confidential, and the envelope of the Thank You Cards will not have any reference to Mr. Zimmerman or the O’Mara Law Group.”

Apparently even Zimmerman, who is awaiting a second degree murder trial for the shooting of teenager Trayvon Martin, must be aware that he is not anyone someone would want to be publicly associated with.

Also, in case you were thinking about it, it probably won’t be “worth a lot later”. I tried to search on Ebay for something similar, and all I got was that both a letter from Vincent Bugliosi (The prosecuting attorney at the Manson trial) and an autographed poster of Angela Lansbury during her “Murder She Wrote” days—both were worth about $180 each. Meh.