Matthew E. White releases a video for ‘Will You Love Me’

Matthew E. White released a stellar debut album “Big Inner” earlier this year. Like Alabama Shakes, White’s music sounds timeless—both an authentic throwback to earthy decades-old soul rock and wholly contemporary at the same time. White’s approach, however, is less stripped-down blues and more rich, multi-layered arrangements. A friend pointed out recently that “Big Inner” sonically resembles Phil Spector’s wall of sound, and that’s a pretty apt description—there so many horns, strings and voices coming out of nowhere they all meld into delightful mush.

Now he’s released a video for “Will You Love Me,” a contemplative track about love and loss. It’s appropriately impressionistic to match the sound, with slow-mo shots of White singing soulfully, geese flying, etc. Watch below.