Mark Lanegan covers WhoMadeWho’s ‘Below the Cherry Moon’

Mark Lanegan, vocalist and guitarist for the late ’90s Seattle grunge band Screaming Trees, and more recently a rather prolific solo and collaborative artist (see: Soulsavers), did not unravel like Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, nor descend into a vortex of cheese like Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell. Lanegan put his nose to the grindstone and became a musical craftsman. Nowhere is his craft more apparent than on his remix of WhoMadeWho’s electronica track “Below the Cherry Moon.” Lanegan sublimely fuses his style with WhoMadeWho’s electronic textures.

Stream the “Below the Cherry Moon” remix plus WhoMadeWho’s incredible rework of Lanegan’s “Deep Black Vanishing Train” below.