Teenage girl robs a bank and then brags about it on YouTube, gets arrested

Hannah Sabata is 19 and not very smart. Here’s why: she stole a car and then robbed a bank of $6,256. She then made a YouTube video where she bragged about it, even going so far as to flash the cash that she stole, and the car keys to her new (stolen) car. Oh, and an ounce of weed… and an Insane Clown Posse pipe.

To make matters even worse, this 19 year old genius only spent $30 of the stolen money before getting arrested by the police, who found her due to the YouTube video that she posted. Watch it for yourself below—there’s a lot of Green Day and she’s pretty stoned so perhaps the mute button might be in order:

In her DeviantArt profile she has this to say about herself:

I can stretch both legs behind my head at the same time
I can do the splits
I can stand on my head
I have HIV
I’m married
I’m pregnant
I’ve been to jail
I’ve been to Boys Town
I’ve been homeless
I have ran away
My hair has been every color (Yes. I promise you.)
I’ve saved my grandmother
I’m often mistaken as Asian :0
But I do have 11 different nationalities!
I get straight A’s in school