Guess which defunct organization 49% Republicans think rigged the election

I bet you can guess. It is not the OSS, which you may have guessed if you do a lot of crossword puzzles. It is not the Symbionese Liberation Army. It is not The Supremes. It is not The People’s Temple, Heaven’s Gate, Students for a Democratic Society, The Swordsman and Sorcerers Guild of America,  The Barker Gang, The OBC Cast of A Little Night Music, The Jets, The Sharks,  The Japanese Red Army, The Zulu Cannibal Giants, The Women’s Christian Temperance Union  nor the Committee to End Pay Toilets in America.

It’s ACORN! You remember ACORN! The relatively harmless activism group that James O’Keefe made a ridiculously edited video about that one time? Where he dressed up like a pimp? Well, they haven’t existed for a while now (which is sad because they actually did a lot of good)… and yet a whopping 49 percent of Republicans think they somehow got it together to steal the election for Obama.

This is just sad. I mean, for one thing, you’d think they’d know that the group had filed for Chapter 7 two years ago. Shouldn’t that be some kind of coup for conservatives? Like, “Yay! We totally got that evil non-profit organization that advocated for lower income families by encouraging neighborhood safety, voter registration and affordable housing! Go us!” But apparently not.

Is this like, a whole being stuck in the past issue? Like how they’re all still way concerned about Piss Christ, The Black Panthers and single mothers, or is it more of a conspiracy thing, like those weirdos who talk about The Bilderberg Group and the “Zionist Occupied Government”, and they think that ACORN still exists as some kind of “shadow government” that controls all of the voting or something? I don’t know. It is also possible that 49% of Republicans are not the swiftest ever.