Don’t let the door hit ya, Jim DeMint

Today the United States Senate got a little less DeMint-y fresh, and as Martha says, that’s a good thing. In a world filled with super batshit Republicans (like the kind that get all “UGH. Whatever, Bob Dole In A Wheelchair, we will so not be voting in favor of taking care of disabled people, because it is a UN thing, and you will not be tricking us into supporting the New World Order that is an obvious harbinger of the apocalypse.” about things), DeMint was one of the batshittiest. Basically every terrible thing that you can think of is something he is in favor of, and vice versa. He believes in school prayer, and teaching creationism, opposes abortion even in instances of rape and incest, was opposed to not only LGBT people teaching in schools– but also single women who might be having sex outside of marriage. He’s basically the worst of the worst. And he’s gone, so YAY.

But where is Jim DeMint going? He is going to go be in charge of The Heritage Foundation! Because, we assume, there’s just more money in it.

The Heritage Foundation is a white power prison gang conservative think tank that formed way back in the 70’s by people who thought Nixon was just way too liberal for their tastes (Which I suppose he certainly would be by today’s standards. Technically Nixon was quite a bit to left of Obama.). But it wasn’t until the Reagan Administration that the little think tank that could began to shine. Remember all that “Star Wars” crap? Yeah, that was them. They’re also pretty responsible for all the “OMG, the government is too big!” hysteria, as well as most of the other ridiculous positions that the Republican party has taken up over the years.

But, there’s one thing that they touted once upon a time that Mr. DeMint may have trouble swallowing. That thing would be what we now know as Obamacare, but what was previously known as an “individual mandate”. During his tenure in the senate, DeMint has rabidly opposed the measure, and also insisted that people with pre-existing conditions would receive better treatment without it. Which makes no kind of sense, but whatevs.

See, this is the thing- back in the day, both Republicans and Democrats were trying to find a way for everyone to get medical care. It’s hard to imagine, but there was a time when the Republicans weren’t like, super crazypants evil archvillians all of the time and things like health care coverage were fairly non-partisan issues. Liberals were in favor of a single-payer system, and conservatives favored an individual mandate, because it was a lot better for the insurance companies. Actually, had Watergate never happened, it is likely that the bi-partisan Nixon-Kennedy Healthcare bill would have passed. Anyway, The Heritage Foundation was one of the main proponents of an individual mandate, and even made an appearance when Mitt Romney signed Romneycare into law in Massachusetts. Now, of course, they claim that they only advocated that because evil liberals like Clinton were going around advocating single payer and they needed some kind of alternative. Which is weird because when they first wrote it up, Clinton wasn’t even in office, but whatevs.

Anyway, like all the other conservative people and groups that supported individual mandates once upon a time, The Heritage Foundation now vehemently opposes it. And we can only imagine that they will continue to oppose it even moreso that DeMint is in charge, and I’m sure we can expect all kinds of crazy things from them in the future. The bonus is, however, that a total sociopath like Jim DeMint will no longer have a vote in the Senate. Let’s just hope his replacement isn’t equally terrible.