7 Reasons to elect Ellen Barkin as NYC’s next mayor

I haven’t heard or seen anything that would lead us to believe Ellen Barkin is considering a run for the mayoral seat currently held by Michael Bloomberg. She’d be a powerhouse candidate — even in the comfort of her #PmuthafuckinJs — because let’s face it: Of all the political jobs in the nation, this is one that requires somebody with chutzpah. With flash.

Come November, here are a few points New Yorkers should consider for the write-in ballot.

1. NYC runs in her veins.
7 Reasons to elect Ellen Barkin as NYC's next mayor
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She had a working-class upbringing in Queens while her mom handled admin at Jamaica Hospital. Her dad? An usher at Yankee Stadium. We’re talking a true middle class kid here, with a busted front tooth she didn’t have repaired for seven years. Acting classes at Hunter College, then raising two kids in her first marriage while managing a career in film. In the early 2000s, her second husband kept her as a housewife on East 63rd Street where she would take a sabbatical from stardom and make brisket for Passover.

The point is, Barkin has experienced New York City living in multiple capacities. People connect with her.

New York Times Magazine’s Alex Witchell recalls in her 2011 profile:

When I walked with Barkin on the streets of New York, every middle-aged woman we passed beamed at her, nodded at her, smiled at her, motioned a thumbs up: Norma Rae for the Temple Emanu-El set.

2. She fights the good fight.
7 Reasons to elect Ellen Barkin as NYC's next mayor
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“I have eight million people watching my back,” she told More Magazine in 2007, and the feeling is mutual. Barkin has been a big supporter of Occupy Wall Street’s manifesto for banking system reform and was outspoken last month about voter suppression laws. “Let this election be decided by the facts,” read one of her many tweets on the subject, “by the ppl, all the ppl.”

3. The media loves her. And loves to hate her.
7 Reasons to elect Ellen Barkin as NYC's next mayor
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The scrappy ball buster is also a polarizing one. Fox News loves getting its Tea Party panties in a bundle when she flips ‘em shit. “I’m very flattered that I’m now on Bill O’Reilly’s radar,” Barkin told Joy Behar in 2011. (O’Reilly lashed out at Barkin after she characterized the network as “blatant lying that passes itself off as journalism.”)

4. Have you seen “Sea of Love” yet? C’mon already.

“Barkin, who started as an actress,” said The New Republic’s Stanley Kauffmann at the time of release, “is now a professional sex bomb.” Available for streaming on Netflix.

5. All the candidates are BORING.
7 Reasons to elect Ellen Barkin as NYC's next mayor
from left, Tom Allon, Bill de Blasio, John C. Liu, Christine C. Quinn, Scott M. Stringer and William C. Thompson Jr. (via)

Alec Baldwin says City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is “a lovely person” but is essentially Michael Bloomberg’s puppet. Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer is “not dropping down” but is instead “stepping up” to run for comptroller. Bill de Blasio, Tom Allon and the rest of them seem like decent enough people but ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz …

New York has spent the last 19 years under two mayors with personalities sized to match the city. Are we really ready for ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz?

6. @EllenBarkin slays on Twitter.
7 Reasons to elect Ellen Barkin as NYC's next mayor
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Not a week goes by that mamma’s Twitter account doesn’t tear down a douche for being douchey. The latest? Bret Easton Ellis, for discounting Kathryn Bigelow “since she’s a very hot woman.” (Check out Barkin’s return-serve here.) She’s also damn good at retweeting the boldest icons of the left (Bernie Sanders, Naomi Wolf, et al.) and @-replying to fans.

Imagine: When (not if) Time Warner Cable fails you after the inauguration, trust-busting Mayor Barkin will be there to rake their fascist regime over the coals.

7. She won’t take shit from nobody.

New Year’s Day 2012: Barkin calls cop a “motherfucker” after being manhandled at an OWS arrest scene. (via)

That includes the NYPD. But the fearlessness also would come into play when fundraising for the campaign. Barkin won’t have to compromise her values or policies on account of pressuring interest groups because, simply put, she doesn’t need the money.