6 great ‘Christmas Vacation’ scenes

When “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” came out in 1989, it instantly became one of my childhood favorites. Of course I didn’t get the adult humor, but I always appreciated the slapstick comedy and seeing Chevy Chase lose his shit and insult the people around him.

Below are six of my favorite “Christmas Vacation” scenes.

Clark Griswold freaks out, chugs egg nog and goes on epic anti-capitalist rant

One of the all-time great non-sequiturs to an epic rant.

“Bend over and I’ll show you”

When Clark’s yuppie neighbors as him where he’s going to put the gigantic Christmas tree, the Griswold patriarch, outfitted in a Jason mask and holding a chainsaw, tells them right where he’ll put it.

“Can I take something out for you”

Relish Clark’s stream of Freudian slips.

“Shitter was full…”

Has there ever been anyone as talented as Chevy Chase when it comes to taking a seemingly normal, innocuous observation or statement and transforming it into a deadpan insult? This is one of his best. And, of course, the clip contains Cousin Eddie’s iconic “shitter was full” comment.

The Cat

I have little love for cats, so this one just tickles me pink.

“Look around you, Helen. We’re at the threshold of hell!”

Clark, despite being at the threshold of hell, still tries valiantly to save the Griswold family Christmas. Vintage Chevy Chase.