Stephen Colbert for Senate? Colbert polling as most popular pick to replace Jim DeMint

Last week Republican South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint announced he’ll be leaving public office for super-conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation. If South Carolina voters get their way, his seat could get replaced with a just slightly less conservative political figure: Stephen Colbert.

TPM reports that according to a new poll from Public Policy Polling South Carolinians prefer Colbert to Republican Reps Tim Scott and Trey Gowdy as well as former South Carlina first lady Jenny Sanford. Colbert takes 20%, while Scott, Gowdy and Sanford take 15%, 14% and 11% respectively. With a margin of error of 4.1%, Colbert solidly has the lead.

The report from PPP notes that Republican Governor Nikki Haley, who will appoint the Senator to replace DeMint, has a terrible approval rating right now. Just 42% approve of the job she’s doing—8th from the bottom of all governors PPP has surveyed.

Democrats particularly disapprove of the job she’s doing—and they particularly approve of Colbert for Senate. 32% of Democrats want Colbert to replace DeMint, and fully 78% of them disapprove of Haley.

If she’s really concerned about her job approval ratings, she should think about naming Colbert. Senate is already a Democratic majority—it won’t make that much difference to the legislature, and it’d make her an instant hero to Democrats and independents, who also want Colbert for Senate by a 15 point margin.