8 year-old gives all 500 birthday gifts to Toys for Tots

Last weekend a kid in Owasso, Oklahoma turned his eighth birthday party into a Toys for Tots gift drive. Chase Branscum held the party at a gymnasium in his town, and when word of his plans got out 100 people showed up with gifts. Trading toys for popularity: smart move, kid.

Chase, who seems surprisingly laid back about the whole thing in his Fox News interview, had collected 500 toys for kids in his community by the end of the evening. His reason: “They don’t have toys, and if they just don’t have any, they won’t play and they won’t have fun.” It’s a solid train of logic. No weird, evangelical stuff. No future Tracy Flick glint in his eye. Just a kid being nice like it’s no big deal.

If Chase’s nonchalance about giving away all his toys makes you feel inferior—and it does slightly for us—here’s a solution: donate some toys to Toys for Tots on your own. You probably won’t get 100 people to come to your birthday party, but you’ll feel pretty okay about yourself for a few minutes while some kid benefits from your self-satisfaction. It’s the win-win these holidays are all about.