Live review: DJ Shadow, All Basses Covered at Brooklyn Bowl

Photos by Michael Bleggi

On Tuesday night, DJ Shadow turned it into a Friday with a popping set at Brooklyn Bowl. While Shadow managed to keep the energy high, the show came with a caveat – abandoning his trademark vinyl collection, Shadow performed with all electronic gear for a set consisting of mostly new material and rare tracks.

While the concept of performing a show with virtually no “hits” could be a little disappointing to a crowd of fans, no one seemed more aware of that then Shadow himself who gave an endearingly lengthy speech when he took the stage about how he wanted to use the opportunity of All Basses Covered to get back to his roots of performing unheard material on a new audience. The response was mostly positive although when he took a break halfway through to reinstate his conviction, a few fans in front voiced their desires to hear a set “like the one [he] did at Irving Plaza last year.” Shadow’s composed retort: “I respect that, but I already did that.”

Regardless of a lack of recognizable Shadow material, the show reached an exciting pace warping in and out of mostly electronic tracks that stretched over into dubstep and hyphy. One of the most enjoyable elements of the show was watching the DJ delight in his own work – about three tracks into the set he grabbed the mic to let everyone know “exclusive Bun B verse right here.”

The show’s true climax though came before the intermission speech where he flipped it to “Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)” which the crowd dutifully lost it over.

Check out some of the pics we got at the show below.