Premiere: CLU ‘Moonrunner’ feat. Gemma Dunlovely

For Death and Taxes’ latest music premiere, we bring you CLU, a project from Dublin’s Sean Cooley, who is joined on the visual end by Kevin Freeney. Like much of the recent burst in Ireland’s electronica, CLU’s single “Moonrunner” is craftsmanlike. That should be taken to mean that Cooley makes it sound like he’s been producing for years, which he has of course.

CLU locks “Moonrunner” into a slow R&B groove, punctuating it with skittering, glittering synth leads. One of the highlights here is Gemma Dunlovely’s vocals. The effect approximates the more alternative, ambient R&B strains of the ’90s, though it will also be familiar to those who dig Frank Ocean, The Weeknd or even Holy Other. Gemma’s vocals supply CLU with a nice female counterpoint to those artists.

One word of advice when listening to this track: don’t listen to it on your laptop—either put on some headphones or crank up your speakers (if you got ‘em). “Moonrunner” is a subtle track that is built on undertones, rewarding the careful listener.

Stream “Moonrunner” below.