Over 6 million Americans legitimately think the world will end December 21

As we get ready for December 21 the Public Religion Research Institute did a survey on the apocalypse to get a feel for how many Americans believe this Mayan doomsday will actually go down.

Turns out that two percent of America thinks it’s actually going to happen.

Now listen, two percent may not sound like much—but it’s way too much. To put this in context, if you went to small-town high school with 500 kids, two percent would mean 10 of your classmates actually believe they have only eight days left to live before the world goes up in a ball of flames as foretold by ancient Mayans. Chances are you would know those 10 kids, and you would think they were all nuts. 10 kids would probably seem like more at your school than you’d expect.

On the other hand, 15% of those surveyed—the equivalent to 47 million Americans—think that the world will end with Jesus returning for the rapture as told by the bible’s Book of Revelation in their lifetime. So there’s that.

NASA is trying to reassure everyone that the world won’t end December 21. For the Jesus believers that’s no comfort with there being no date attached to their doomsday prediction and science being a sham and all. But December 22 should take at least 6 million Americans off the hook.

[Atlantic Wire]