America’s highest-paid cop earns $484,000

According to Bloomberg Jeff Talbot, America’s highest paid cop, retired last year with a mix of deferred vacation and leave time, overtime, and pension to the tune of $483,581 in total compensation. $280,259 of that was in accrued vacation and leave time, $174,888 was in annual pension.

Guess we know where some of those California budget shortfalls are coming from. Death and Taxes tends to be pro-union—it seems like the cases of people getting undue reward through union membership are far outweighed by corporations who would squeeze the little guy for every drop were he not unionized. But seriously—half a milly a year?

California has the sweetest deal of any police force in the country, with officers’ pay starting reasonably and accruing to 90% lifetime pension after 30 years. Factor in deferred vacation and leave time, and there are more than 5,000 California officers making over $100,000, and 44 making over $200,000.

Last year California’s rules led one officer to collect a check for $609,000 when he retired.

Crime might pay—but probably not as much as being a California cop for 30 years.