Esben and The Witch ‘Deathwaltz’ sounds nothing like death, or a waltz

Bands these days, man. First they want us to take ‘em seriously. Then they want to be featured in viral videos and comedy troupes. Whaddaya want, huh? You wanna be Esben and The Witch, who released a song called “Deathwaltz” that sounds neither like death or a waltz? This is worse than when my girlfriend told me Stephen King’s “Pet Cemetery” wasn’t totally about pets. Did you know a kid gets hit by a car in that book? It’s fucking sad. Anyway. Esben and The Witch aren’t as sad as “Pet Cemetery” although they do sound like Interpol as fronted by what could possibly be described as a cooing Florence Welch. The album comes out next month on Matador, be sure to check it out.