Video: The Ruby Suns ‘Kingfisher Call Me’

We’ve reached an interesting point in music videodom. A few years ago a label would budget out serious $$$ for these small promotional videos because they’d possibly end up on MTV or VH1 or another outlet. Now, seeing as music videos have no home on television, these promo videos have no home. The point being that back then, there’d at least be an outlet for them, and a reason to put more money towards them. Now, there’s a true feeling of “ah, who’s gonna see this?” – take this Ruby Suns video, for instance. The song itself is pretty stellar: a synth romp through a field of keytar solos. Yet the video seems filmed on a shoestring budget without any plot.

Now, I’m not saying this is The Ruby Suns’ fault, or Sub Pop’s (their label), really. But surely there must be a Spike Jonze character out there who’s willing to do more with less – someone who understands what a video can accomplish. It doesn’t have to just be some fresh-out-of-film-school highlight reel. Shit, maybe the band just take a lot of mushrooms and this absurdly low budget acid trip of a video is what they want. My bet is that with a great song like that, they could have done way, way better.