Live Review: Boys Noize at the Hollywood Palladium

Boys Noize aka Alexander Ridha has grown a lot as an artist in the past decade. From the banger heavy “Oi Oi Oi,” to his acid house tracks released with Erol Alkan, he has matured as an artist and been able to stay relevant in an ever diluted electronic music marketplace. I have seen him multiple times over his career and he always lives up to the hype. His music is not for the faint of heart. Boys Noize played at the Hollywood Palladium last Saturday night to throngs of fans.

His recent album “Out Of the Black” reminds me much of his first album “Oi Oi Oi” in that it brings the heaviness back that he is known for. While his new album is critically successful, I was not a huge fan of it. I loved the acid house direction he was going in. With tracks like “Avalanche” (featuring none other than Jarvis Cocker) and his “1010/Yeah” split EP, I was a bit bummed with what felt like a played out new album. It is not that the new album was bad per se, but it felt like a step back instead of a step forward. That being said, his DJ sets never disappoint which is why I am happy to say his live show does not as well.

With three albums under his belt it seemed like a great time in his career to debut his live show. His live show-like many other Dj’s- featured a heavy reliance on his own songs. Gone were the remixes and in place was a solid 2 hour set of mostly his own productions. Also coming along with him was a giant metal skull that looked amazing. Pictures do not do it justice, but it was awesome.

It was really great to be able to see him play some of his own songs. When he dropped his classic track “& Down” from his debut album the crowd went nuts. Also from his first album, “Oh!” seemed to remind the crowd why they fell in love with Ridha. The combo of “Starter” and “Jeffer” off of his 2nd album “Power” also stand out as high points in his set. When he dropped “Kontact Me” he got the crowd singing along with every note.

Still my favorite part of his set was when he dropped his more acid house oriented tracks; “Yeah” was an especially great time. The remixes he did play were awesome. Playing his classic remix of Feist’s “My Moon My Man” was nostalgic. The highlight of the night however was when he played his remix of The Chemical Brothers’ “Swoon” toward the end of the set. I was very pleased with his live set as it was a great way for him to perform for the crowd tracks that spanned his career.

I did not get there until about 11 and UZ was playing trap music. I hate trap music so I should not be one to judge but it did not seem like it was a fitting type of music to open up for Boys Noize. My friend who likes trap says it was ok so take my opinion for what it is. One final note I would like to make is how awesome The Palladium is for these types of events. The stage is a semicircle instead of a rectangle which makes for a much more comfortable viewing experience with less people pushing to get up front.