Michigan schools closing in preparation for the apocalypse

Going to school in California I was always jealous of those who got snow days. With the impending Mayan apocalypse upon us, some schools in Michigan have decided to take the snow day idea and dumb it down and apply it to a false prophecy.

Schools in Michigan’s Lapeer, Genesee and Monroe counties are closing down in preparation for the apocalypse. The local channel 7 affiliate reports that there are rumors of potential threats in conjunction with the impending Mayan apocalypse. If it sounds un-scholastic and quite frankly dumb, you are not alone—one school’s website issued a letter shooting down the apocalypse hype and said they were closing only due to pressure from the entire county. They even went so far as to say that the staff are disappointed the school has to close.

As we have already reported, over 6 million Americans believe that the world is actually going to end Friday night—this just adds to the ridiculous fear mongering. NASA has already debunked the apocalypse, and if that wasn’t enough for Michigan’s school board it’s already December 21 in Australia and those guys are fine, which should be proof that the world did not end December 21—if the world waits until December 21 in America to end, it’ll already be December 22 in Australia.

Oh, Michigan. Either way there are some happy kids out there whose Christmas has come a couple days early this year.