Here’s what happens when you drive a car through a Foot Locker

Police responded to 911 calls for shots fired in northern St. Louis last night. Whey they got there they didn’t find any evidence of guns but they did find this car that had driven plum through the front of a Foot Locker store.

Thankfully the incident occurred when the store was closed—apparently the driver lost control the car about 1:45am and smashed through the front window of a Kids’ Foot Locker—no injuries were mentioned but the driver was trapped inside the car and rescue workers arrived on the scene to help the driver out.

No word on whether there were actually shots fired and whether they led to the driver crashing through the Foot Locker, or whether the sound of the car going through the Foot Locker was mistaken for gunshots. Watch video of the Foot Locker crash below, as well as the mall car chase from “Blues Brothers,” just for the hell of it.