The FBI knew of plot to assassinate Occupy Wall Street activists

Reddit has a whopper of a sensationalist headline creeping up its front page today.

“Released FBI Documents Reveal Plans to Assassinate Occupy Wall Street Activists,” which links to a story on Raging Chicken Press that no longer loads, provides redacted documents released by the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act.

Though the headline was click-bait of the highest order (who wouldn’t read that headline and conclude the FBI was planning to assassinate Occupy Wall Street members?), the commenters have sniffed it out. Exactly who was planning to assassinate OWS members is unclear, but it would appear that, yes, such a plot existed.

Despite being a peaceful protest dreamed up by a Canadian recluse, Adbusters founder Kalle Lasn, the FBI deemed Occupy a potential terrorist threat and issued a “Potential Criminal Activity Alert.”

You can read a lot about the documents in the link I just provided. There are some surprises (there was an Occupy cell in Anchorage?), but it mostly relays information you probably already knew: the government, corporate America, and law enforcement agencies were scared of OWS, in much the same way Sauron feared Aragorn. Apparently, it was this close to becoming Kent State.

Though OWS has been relatively quiet, a faction is splintering off to combat the NRA.