Only 33 people went to go see Christian Slater’s new movie ‘Playback’

2012 had some big movies: “The Hobbit,” “Django Unchained,” “Moonrise Kingdom”—it also had some total stinkers: “John Carter,” “Battleship,” an implausible sequel to “Clash of the Titans,” “The Innocence of Muslims…”

But the Daily Mail points out that the trophy for the single worst-performing movie of 2012 must go to Christian Slater’s “Playback,” which according to Box Office Mojo made a whopping $264. Total. As in two hundred and sixty-four bucks. Two hundred fifty-two of that was grossed opening weekend. It played for one full week after that, where it made another twelve bucks.

The indie cop-horror movie only played on just one screen for a week in March, but still—Daily Mail crunches that at the average national ticket price of $7.94, only 33 people would have gone to see it. And that’s probably being generous, since the one screen it played on was probably in LA, where tickets are closer to $11—which means that closer to 24 people would have bought tickets.

That’s even worse than Sarah Palin’s “documentary” “The Undefeated” which, as perhaps the only movie to ever score a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes, still managed to earn just over $116,000.

But hey, before you start feeling too bad for Christian Slater, he’s still working a ton both in movies and TV and has more titles slated for 2013. Plus, he’s probably still getting some sweet royalty checks from “Pump Up The Volume.”