Martin Scorsese’s ‘The King of Comedy’ now on YouTube

Don’t take it from me how good Martin Scorsese’s showbiz satire “The King of Comedy” is: Rotten Tomatoes gives it a whopping 93%, and Salon’s Joyce Millman calls it “Scorsese’s second greatest film, after ‘Taxi Driver.'”

I have a feeling she’s not alone on that opinion, and now you can watch the unsung masterpiece online. So, what’s it about?

[wipes fanboy foam from mouth]

In short, Robert DeNiro plays this godawful hack comic named Rupert Pupkin. Like, picture your friend with the delusional headache-inducing dick joke Twitter account, then imagine if that guy kidnapped a late night talk show host in order to score a guest spot on the show. There, that’s Rupert. As for the host? Yep, played by none other than Jerry Lewis. And I know you kids love Jerry.

Just watch it already. It’s only two hours. No one’s coming into work today anyways.