‘Rumors’ era Fleetwood Mac still totally ‘the jam’, says blogger

There are reports coming from just outside of Park Slope, Brooklyn, that “Rumors”-era Fleetwood Mac still totally kicks ass. This rediscovery allegedly took place during what some are calling a “slow news day” when there was little else to report on, other than that whole fiscal cliff/ debt limit thing, but to be honest we don’t know a lot about that sort of thing and couldn’t be bothered to read more than a few words before giving up and wondering how we managed to eat an entire sleeve of cookies in one sitting.

“‘Dreams’ is still fucking great,” said handsome, rich, and modest blogger Ned Hepburn, “I mean, the whole album is really good. Nobody has put out an album like this in forever. This shit has ‘Go Your Own Way’ on it AND ‘The Chain’ on it. Did you know ‘The Chain’ is the only song of theirs credited to all five members?” Hepburn then offered his opinion on Fleetwood Mac vocalist and songwriter Stevie Nicks, saying “And Stevie Nicks used to be pretty banging, too. Her solo career wasn’t exactly terrible but everyone peaked at ‘Rumors’, man.” Immediately after making these statements he microwaved some Bagel Bites™ like an adult because that is what adults eat. He then closed his bedroom door and was not available for further comment.