Death Grips release 13-minute short film for ‘Come Up And Get Me’

Death Grips pushed boundaries probably more than any other artist in 2012. From their over-the-top live shows to their dark, raw sound, to jilting their record label and releasing their new record “No Love Deep Web” for free with an erect penis on the cover, Death Grips established themselves as the “danger” band of 2012.

Now they kick off 2013 with every indication that they intend to keep doing the unexpected. Their new video for “Come Up And Get Me” is 13 minutes long, only about 3 and a half of which is set to the song. The rest of it is a silent black and white trip that vaguely resembles a 21st century Frederico Fellini film. And it’s Death Grips, so yes, it’s somewhat unsettling. Watch below.