The other records in Maude Lebowski’s collection

You know the scene in “The Big Lebowski” where The Dude goes to Maude’s loft to tender his resignation and insist that Bunny’s kidnapping was real, but instead finds out the nihilist Uli Kunkel was Bunny’s “co-star in the beaver picture”?

It’s where Maude’s bald friend Knox Harrington, the video artist, giggles and taunts The Dude as he rifles through Maude’s records looking for Autobahn’s LP—the techno pop record “Nagelbett” Uli and the nihilists released in the late 70’s. Go ahead and watch it if you don’t remember the details, because it features a quick look at Maude’s music collection—a semi-obscure mix of old folk and jazz pop albums. Here are the three records we spotted:

The Barry Sisters – “At Home With The Barry Sisters”


What does an avant-garde artist whose work has been noted as “strongly vaginal” listen to on the weekends? The Yiddish-singing pop jazz duo, The Barry Sisters. Duh. “At Home With the Barry Sisters” dropped in 1960 and it’s a lot peppier than you might expect from Maude. Take a listen to their song “Chiribim Chiribom” here.

Eric Andersen – “Blue River”


The most unexpected for Maude is probably Eric Andersen’s 1972 folk classic, “Blue River.” Andersen came out of the Greenwich Village folk scene alongside Bob Dylan and is also known for starring in the Andy Warhol film, “Space.” Kind of conventional, huh? The title track on “Blue River” features Joni Mitchell. Hear it here.

Tijuana Brass – “A Taste of Honey”


This Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass record probably makes the most sense for Maude—Alpert is also an abstract painter and a successful businessman, like Maude’s father. Check out the video for “A Taste of Honey” below: