Panasonic’s new headphones bypass your ears, deliver sound through your bones

Panasonic unveiled some futuristic new headphones at this year’s CES and they sound pretty insane.

Rather than delivering sound through your ears—the old fashioned way—these puppies strap to your face and deliver it straight into your bones. They’re called bone-conducting headphones.

Those little diode things at the front that look like earbuds actually attach to your cheeks, just under your eyes, and literally rattle your bones with sound.

CNET notes the phones are a great safety play for “cyclists and runners who still want to jam to a soundtrack [but who] live in a big city with traffic and obstructions coming at you from all angles.”

But they also sound like a seriously immersive way for the dedicated stoner to enjoy music and movies on the couch. They connect to smart TVs via bluetooth. Imagine what special effects would sound like when they’re actually vibrating your bones?

Now they just need to make machine that will let us absorb popcorn through our skin and we’ll be all set.