6 Facts about ‘The Evil Dead’ that inspired a remake

As the “Evil Dead” remake is budding up for a Spring release here are some facts about the original cult classic:

1. The majority of funding for “The Evil Dead” came from a group of dentists. When director Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert and lead actor Bruce Campbell set out to find funding for their film, they came across the dentist group looking to invest in a project like it.

2. While promoting the film at the Caanes Film Festival they ran into author Stephen King. Eager for publicity they asked King for a comment which they proudly plastered all over the movie’s poster and it helped them get further attention.

3. Some of the fake blood used in the movie was made with karo syrup, non-dairy creamer, and red food coloring. Bruce Campbell’s shirt became so saturated with the fake blood he tried to warm it by a fireplace on a cold winter’s night only to have it solidify and shatter when he tried to put it back on.

4. The assistant editor of the film was Joel Coen. He worked on “The Evil Dead” three years before he and his brother, Ethan, directed their first film, “Blood Simple.”

5. One of Sam Raimi’s signature props is his parents’ 1973 yellow Odsmobile Delta 88—he has used it in every one of his films.

6. Being tortured by Raimi’s direction and the inclimate weather that plagued the shoot, Bruce Campbell related years later in his book If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor, taught him how to tolerate a difficult situation. He learned it was easier to accept the hardship than to pine for minimal comfort.