Wes Anderson scores his second Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay with ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Wes Anderson is shaping up to be our generation’s Woody Allen—he makes lots of highly personal, critically acclaimed movies that rarely win any awards or make lots of money but which the industry lets him keep making and we all keep watching because we need the eggs.

After seven widely celebrated movies Anderson today scored his second Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay, having previously earned one for “The Royal Tenenbaums.” He also earned an Oscar nod for Best Animated Feature for “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” But he’s yet to bring home a statue.

Wes recently told EW that he’s not sweating awards season because he and his cadre of talent know the movies they’re making aren’t sure-fire Oscar material. “Actors can rely on the fact that I can’t deliver them that,” Wes said. And speaking of his cadre, Bill Murray has never won an Oscar, which just seems insane. He was only nominated once, for “Lost in Translation.”

For his part Wes told EW “I’m pretty focused on just working on my next project” rather than getting hung up on the Oscar buzz for “Moonrise.” Which sounds a lot like what Woody Allen usually says in these interviews.