Trail of Cheetos leads to South Carolina man’s arrest

Because the world is a wonderful place, a trail of Cheetos™ led to a South Carolina man’s arrest last week.

19 year-old Austin Lee Wesfall Presler (his full name!) broke into a convenience store and stole beer, cigarettes, energy drinks, and a whole bunch of snack foods. However, upon leaving, he accidentally tore open the bag of Cheetos™. Security camera footage showed that a white car left the scene, and officers searched the nearby neighborhood for a white car that matched the one in the video. They found the car, and also, upon Presler’s porch, more bright orange Cheetos™ from when he took the bag inside from his car.

Upon getting a warrant to search the home, Presler was arrested for 2nd degree burglary and was later released on a $15,000 bond.

Source: 14 News