My Dick has the best cover album of the year

Perhaps you’ve heard of My Dick. Oh… what’s that? You haven’t heard of My Dick? Well, let me tell you about My Dick.

My Dick recorded a full length album of 80s and 90s covers, changing the lyrics to include the phrase “my dick” as many times as possible. My Dick consists of two people – Cool Hand and Hand Solo, and they’re currently on tour—just check out My Dick’s Facebook page! That’s right. My Dick has its own Facebook page. My Dick even has its own store so you can buy clothes and blankets emblazoned with My Dick. Oh yeah – My Dick is all about commerce.

Not much is known about My Dick at this point but we’re trying to score an interview with them as we speak. Check out literally every song on this album and you’ll (most likely) (if you have a soul) laugh your ass off. It ain’t the kind of indie we usually run on D+T but it’s one of the most ridiculous things we’ve heard, in the best way possible.