Swedish cleaning lady steals train for a joyride, drives it into a house

A cleaning lady stole a commuter train and crashed it into a three-story apartment building in a suburb outside Stockholm, probably destroying a bunch of clean, simple, reasonably priced furniture.

After stealing the train out of the depot early this morning, the woman drove it to the end of the rail line where it jumped the tracks, crashed into the house and made a huge mess, which the woman did not clean up despite her vocational duties. Three families were stranded inside the apartment building, but none were injured.

Tomas Hedenius, a spokesman for train operator Arriva, doesn’t know how the woman got the keys for the train, but admits that pretty much anyone could drive one into a building. “Generally speaking that’s possible even if you’re not a train driver,” he told CBS. “You can read about it on the Internet, or observe how others do it.”

Police spokesman Lars Bystrom says the woman was arrested for endangering the public.