Watch Roger Waters on ‘The Daily Show’

Pink Floyd founder and bassist stopped by “The Daily Show” last night to promote his European leg of “The Wall.” The discussion mainly revolved around his philanthropic work, and Rogers was very humble in discussing his work with the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

Albeit a bit sick, Rogers was mainly very cool and relaxed with some of the jabs that Jon Stewart sent his way. It was kind of refreshing seeing the rock star being so modest. Stewart poked fun at Waters by referring to his band as
“the remaining members of Pink Floyd,” for which Waters smiled and responded, “This is how he makes his living. That is funny!”

When talking about his prolonged tour behind the classic album “The Wall,” he explained that “the version of the Wall I’m doing now is different from the one I did with Pink Floyd in 1980. It’s far more universal in its message. It’s no longer about that miserable, self-serving, sniveling, nasty little Roger we hated all those years ago.”

Check out the full video below.