Some OxyContin bottles now to come with GPS tracking devices in NYC

Apparently OxyContin is to New York City as bath salts are to Florida. Which is to say, they’re a problem.

A recent rash of armed robberies that resulted in shooting deaths both in the city and on Long Island has prompted New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to announce a new plan to equip select bottles of OxyContin with GPS tracking devices unbeknownst to the bottle’s owner. They’re describing them as “bait bottles” that will sit waiting to get stolen, and which will lead cops to the thieves once they’ve been nabbed. “In the event of a robbery or theft, we’ll be able to track the bottle, which may lead us to stash locations across the city,” Kelly said.

It doesn’t exactly sound like a sure-fire bet in cracking down on Oxy crime. Here are a couple questions that immediately come to mind: 1) What if a thief steals Oxy bottles and gets ones that don’t contain GPS trackers? If they’re just floating a few GPS bottles into circulation, this outcome seems pretty likely. 2.) What if the bottles with GPS trackers actually get sold to legitimate customers? Again, if they’re just going to put a few “bait bottles” out there this seems highly likely.

In fact the most likely outcome of this plan seems to be patients filling their OxyContin prescriptions only to get home and have the NYPD kick in their doors. In which case Commissioner Kelly can not apologize and go on with business as usual, which is pretty much standard protocol for Kelly when the NYPD does something wrong.