Why you should pay close attention to ‘gunhibition’

The NRA have a new commercial that calls President Obama a hypocrite for not mandating guns in schools. Why? Because “his kids have armed guards, why shouldn’t yours?”

Allow me to tackle that really quickly: Obama gets 30 death threats a day. So of course he’s going to have protection. In fact, every single President (and their children) has had federal protection since 1922.

In the wake of several school shootings in just over a month, this unusual, quasi-religious position by the NRA felates the gun owning populace of America by assuming that if someone has a gun, then they will be safe. The vast majority of American gun owners keep not an arsenal of weapons but simply a handgun in their homes to ‘protect’ themselves against ‘intruders’. The reality of that situation is homeowners only effectively use those guns in 2% of robberies or break-ins. 62.4% of breakins occur between 6am and 6pm, when the homeowner is out of the house. Out of 1000 houses in any city in America, just 26 will be broken into in any given year – a number that has been on the decline since 2002, according to FBI reports. The fact is that Americans will very, very, very rarely have to use their guns in their own homes. With 36,000+ handgun related homicides a year, those guns are far more likely to kill the owner or their family or friends than any perceivable intruder ever will. 20,000 of those handgun deaths are from the owners themselves: suicide.

While it is guarateed in the constitution that Americans have the right to bear arms, a position I’m not going to comment on because it is a right in this country to buy one, this does not mean that they need army-type artillery such as the Bushmaster .223 which was used to murder an entire classroom of 6 year olds last month in Newtown, Connecticut.

What people seem to be getting upset about is that they take any sort of anti-gun stance as a personal attack: they see pencil-necked liberals saying that they (gun owners) can’t operate heavy guns. That isn’t the case.

Look at it this way: it’s a lot like drinking. Most of us are responsible drinkers and wouldn’t want to be told how much or what we can drink, yet we all know that there are many people out there who aren’t responsible drinkers – people who abuse the power of responsibility. There are fair laws in this country about how much you can drink before you drive, how old you have to be to drink, and where you can drink. There should be laws like that for guns. Change the word “gun” to “alcohol” in any gun-nut / conspiracy theorist’s argument and they will look like a massive alcoholic who demands the right to drink wherever they please. The fact of the matter is: while you, the sane person reading this, might be very responsible, there are many out there who aren’t.

Nobody is coming to “take away all of America’s guns” – that mentality is paranoia at its finest. What Obama is trying to do is pass laws not on you the responsible gun owner but for the people out there who abuse that power.