Here’s a great new band Reddit just discovered: Lily & Madeleine

Lily & Madeleine are a sister duo from Indianapolis that the internet is about to catapult to fame.

They’re brand new—they just announced their first show five days ago. Today a Redditor uploaded their video for the song “In The Middle” with the note “Two sisters who live on my street told me they started recording their songs, so I gave ‘em a listen… and was floored.”

I took a listen. I was pretty floored, too. Especially considering these girls are just 15 (Lily) and 18 (Madeleine). It’s not just that their songs are instantly compelling and arranged and produced with impeccable taste, but that they project a wizened soulfulness that’s almost preternatural coming from a couple of high-schoolers. The pathos in their EP closer “Things I’ll Later Lose” is stunning.

Watch two of their videos below, and head over to their Band Camp page to pick up their EP “The Weight of the Globe.” Kudos, girls.