Lupe Fiasco finally does something worth writing about

Rapper Lupe Fiasco – most famous for (no song) off of (none of his) album(s) – was thrown off stage at an Obama inauguration concert for going on a half-hour anti-Obama rant mid song. Here’s the heavily edited video from Now This News:

Lupe has been kicking around the bottom rung of the rap ladder since 2006 when he was oddly, mildly relevant for a few months. After a series of disappointing albums, concerts, television appearances, and interviews where he seemed to regard himself as a much better rapper than either critics or album sales would dictate, he has since been relatively quiet for the last couple of years as he languishes around, playing half-full venues to half-interested fans. At least last night, though, he finally did something worth writing about. It’s as if he’s been writing a “Where Are They Now?” episode for the last five years and this was the point where the voiceover guys cleverly says: “And then… Lupe became a fiasco.”

Here are some tweets from the incident:

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.01.25 AM

Source: Buzzfeed, Hypervocal.